Hydro One internet address linked to allegations of Russian hacking

An IP address belonging to Hydro One has reportedly been linked to the alleged Russian cyber attack on the Democratic National Committee in which some 50,000 emails were leaked during the US Presidential campaign.

A report by CTV News says the IP address was part of a watch list from the FBI and Homeland Security that included about 900 IP's -- 6 of which are in Canada.

It suggests that Russia may have secretly downloaded malicious software onto a Hydro One computer, to turn that it into a launchpad to attack targets in the US.

The hydro utility says the address was set up in the 1990's and is linked to a laptop that belongs to the company.

Four other Ontario hydro companies also got calls from the RCMP the same day the FBI report came out.

Hydro One says it takes cyber security seriously and that it has taken steps to ensure that its equipment does not get compromised again.

It stresses that the computer in question was never connected to Ontario's power grid and that the electricity system was never in jeopardy.