Investigators release initial report into March plane crash

Investigators are the Transportation Safety Board have released their initial findings into a small plane crash at Buttonville Airport.

The small plane was being used for training, with a licenced pilot at the controls and an instructor sitting beside.

The plan on that day in March, was to perform several circuits of the airport, and a "touch-and-go" landing.

What happened when the plan touched down, was that investigators found a reduction in RPM of the engine, which would indicate that the pilot had changed their mind, and was no longer planning to take off again.

But the RPM's pick up again, and the plane attempts another takeoff.

Instead of flying, the plane bounces back down into the ground, not once, but twice.

At that point, they were running out of space on the runway, and the craft crosses over 16th Avenue and crashes into a berm on the other side of the road.

The pilot and instructor were both properly strapped in and weren't hurt.

Since there are no real safety lessons to be learned here, the TSB says it won't likely dive any deeper into this investigation.