Irma not expected to affect weather in Toronto

Hurricane Irma continues to lose steam now that it's over land, but it continues to track north.

Wait a minute, that's where we are.

But Environment Canada says you shouldn't have to worry about the rath of Irma. It's going to fizzle before it gets here.

"There's going to be no real impacts to the GTA at all." says forecaster Peter Kimbell.

But there is a positive offshoot from this storm here in the Toronto area.... summer temperatures could make a brief return.

"By Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and with warmer dew point temperatures, we get muggier airmases. We might even have humidex values creeping up to 30."

And Kimbell says that's all thanks to Irma.

When it comes to that other hurricane that is in the Atlantic now, Jose, it could spin back and potentially hit the Maritimes in 10 days or so.