Is this what it feels like to care about a sports team?

There's no hiding it. It's been a wild ride.

A playoff run that has turned random strangers into best friends, and has people beaming with pride just walking down the street.

And don't kid yourself, you DO have Raptors fever. We all do.

The city was buzzing in the lead up to game five of the NBA Finals, and the day after a one-point loss, there's a feeling of defeat. An almost quiet, cast over the city.

Is this what it feels like to care?

"You have to keep perspective. It's a game. We're not curing cancer, we're not going to Mars, it's just a game." says Dr Oren Amitay, a clinical psychologist. "If someone is going to be missing work or they aren't going to be functioning well at work, you have to think, how much is this game worth it?"

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the ride.

"Capitalize, bond with others, but be prepared for the lows and when it's all over, it would be nice to replace that sensation."

And he says that could be something as simple as exercise. Something to take your mind off the void left by the Raptors.

As far as this Finals is concerned, the Raptors still have two more chances to claim the championship.