It costs how much for security at budget lockups?

You've heard of the lockup that journalists and stakeholders sit through - before the budget is released.

It's not usually a party in there, so why is there so much security?

And more importantly, how much are we paying for that lockup to be like Fort Knox?

Christine Van Geyn from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says they did some digging and learned in 2016, 107 thousand dollars was spent to hire 80 OPP officers to provide security.

"We don't really need 80 officers patrolling a quiet group of people reading and crunching numbers."

She says, quite simply, the province is going overboard with this.

"They're blowing the budget on budget day security. It's a bit ridiculous." says Van Geyn.

Of the documents they've been able to uncover, one shows the money comes from correctional services to pay for the security.

Now, it's not just one event. There are actually three budget lockups that need to be secure. One for journalists, another for stakeholders and a third, smaller lockup that is held about a month before the budget is tabled.

As for a fix?

"I think you could cut these costs in half and you'd still have too many security people there that day."