Jennifer Keesmaat promises to lower speed limits if elected

Toronto Mayoral candidate, Jennifer Keesmaat has promised to lower speed limits to 30km/h on all residential roads, if elected.

In a release, she says, "We need to send a consistent message that cars must move more slowly on the streets where our children walk and play.”

Keesmaat also ads, "There’s been no significant decrease in pedestrian and cyclist injuries and deaths during John Tory’s term and that is unacceptable. Tory has paid lip service to making our neighbourhoods safe for our children and seniors, but he has in reality done very little and only when pushed by concerned citizens or tragic events."

Her action plan to take on road safety was outlined in the release:

• Reduce the speed limit to 30km/h on all residential roads
• Transform Toronto’s 100 most dangerous intersections within two years
• Ensure areas around schools are safe by design within two years
• Make a “Vision Zero” approach a requirement of every infrastructure and development project involving roads and sidewalks