John Tory sworn in with new, smaller city council

Declarations of Office in Tuesday's swearing-in ceremony for councillors at Toronto city hall took half as long as it typically does.

That's what happens when there are half as many pledges to take.

It is the start of a new term of city council and it is the first one since the Premier shook things up in the chamber last summer.

Doug Ford's legislation sliced the size of council down to 25 seats, from plans for almost 50.

Mayor John Tory says even though the crew is smaller than it used to be, it isn't a given that it'll be any more cohesive or efficient.

"I think that the workability of this new arrangement is going to depend entirely on the people in the room," he says.

The Mayor says he's got 3 priorities over the next four years:

He wants to build more affordable housing, improve public transit, and work to curb violent crime.