Juno Awards apologizes for Peters' comments

The head of the Juno Awards is apologizing for comments that co-host Russell Peters made during Sunday's telecast.

In a statement, Allan Reid distanced himself and the show's organizers from jokes that have been criticized for sexualizing women.

The comedian opened the show with a monologue that referenced young girls in the audience as a ``felony waiting to happen.''

Peters also jokingly questioned why Heritage Minister Melanie Joly was handing out an award, but added that it didn't matter because ``she's hot, so who cares?''

Reid, who is also president of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, said the Junos do not ``in any way support, nor did we sanction, the off-script remarks.''

On Monday, Joly called the jokes inappropriate, while Peters did not respond to requests for comment.