Leitch vows to roll back Liberal plan to legalize recreational pot

Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch says she would look to roll back the Liberal plan to legalize marijuana if she becomes the party's leader and eventually prime minister.

Leitch says marijuana is a "dangerous drug" that should not be legalized due to public health and safety concerns.

She made the remarks during a roundtable interview today with The Canadian Press.

A pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Leitch says scientific evidence shows the drug can have damaging effects on the brains of those under the age of 25, and should only be available from pharmacies for patients with prescriptions.

The Canadian Medical Association is recommending a minimum age of 21, and limits on quantities and potency for those aged 21-25 to discourage use and sharing among underage friends.

Health Minister Jane Philpott says of the driving forces for the government's plan, to be introduced Thursday in Parliament, is to address Canada's "very high rates" of cannabis use among young people.