Liberals to push for gender equality during Canada's turn at helm of G7 summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is bringing his feminism to the G7 summit next year, when Canada takes its turn hosting the gathering of world leaders.

The Liberal government is planning to make gender equality a major theme of its G7 presidency, which includes hosting the summit in La Malbaie, Que.

That would include putting the whole event through gender-based analysis, which involves thinking about how a certain policy might affect men and women, or boys and girls, in different ways, along with taking age, income, culture, ethnicity and other intersecting factors into account.

Canada will champion measures aimed at boosting the economic empowerment of women, including how to increase female participation in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics as a way to respond to a rapidly changing job market.

But it is also expected to push the more controversial issue of sexual and reproductive health rights, which could be a challenge when it comes to convincing U.S. President Donald Trump to get on board.

Soon after he got to the White House, Trump signed an executive order to enforce the so-called global gag rule that forbids organizations receiving U.S. funding from even mentioning abortion, never mind ensuring access to the procedure.