LISTEN: Heart over cash -- Couple leaves money on the table in Oakville home sale

Sometimes money isn't everything, even in a red hot housing market.

Michelle and Rick Croft had 14 offers to choose from as they were sold their Oakville home. But they didn't go with the highest bidder. The eventual buyer came in $150,000 lower than the highest in the stack--though still $200,000 above the asking price.

It was a letter from the Soh family that won the couple over.

The family of six was inspired by a six-week missionary trip to Africa last year to live more simply. They wrote that having the Crofts' place as their "forever home" would free them up to go on more missionary trips and to give more to the poor.

"Their story was all about downsizing and giving money to people that were in need," the Crofts' agent Tracy Nursall tells NEWSTALK 1010's Moore in the Morning. "That really meant a lot to Michelle and Rick, and they went with it. And I was just like, 'yesss, this is awesome!'"

Nursall says the Crofts were especially concerned about leaving their elderly next-door neighbour behind as they moved to Colorado. They wanted their home's new owner to be someone who would check in on the man, shovel his driveway.

Nursall says she hasn't seen a deal like this one in 10 or 15 years.

"It gave me a lot of hope that it wasn't always going to be about greed at every table."

Nursall isn't bent out of shape about a lower commission either.

"$3,700 on a deal, that's a rental, who cares," Nursall scoffed. "Honestly, it was a lot more important to me to be a part of that deal."