LISTEN: 'It was perfect': Inside Michael McIsaac's soggy Toronto Island wedding

After weeks of worry, contingency planning and sleepless nights, Michael McIsaac says his wedding was perfect.

The Moore in the Morning panellist who swam across Lake Ontario in 2015 married Kathryn on a waterlogged Toronto Island last Saturday.

Having been set up by a friend connected to Michael's cross-lake swim and falling in love during his training, the couple was determined to make the lake a feature of their wedding.

Michael joked in the weeks before the big day that the lake, having risen to historic levels, seemed to be taking its revenge. 40% of the island remains underwater with activity and event permits cancelled through July 31.

Michael says the Royal Canadian Yacht Club went "above and beyond" building a new dock and pathways to replace submerged ones to accommodate the couple and their 150 guests. Their wedding day was dry and overcast with a breakthrough of sunshine during the ceremony.

"Sometimes there's a silver lining to everything and just take a positive attitude into whatever you're doing and ultimately it'll turn out right, I think," Michael tells NEWSTALK 1010.

At least one of Michael's friends made the best of a black tie optional affair in the muck.

"He showed up with this beautiful James Bond tux and he had his wellies on up to his knee and he looked fantastic. He drank the Kool-Aid of what we were trying to do," Michael said.

Laura Rowe

But some female guests wearing heels sank into the saturated sod and Kathryn's lace-detailed gown is ruined.

"Because we did our photos first it got a bit dirty and then I was sort of frantic that I needed it cleaned for the ceremony," Kathryn said.

It didn't take long for bottom of her white dress to be blackened by mud and to suck up water.

"We had to walk back upstairs and it's almost 20 pounds heavier than it was to begin with because it had a long train, not expecting it to get soaked," Kathryn said.

But she took it all in stride.

"The worse your wedding dress is at the end of the night, the better the party was."

Michael smiled describing how he felt seeing Kathryn in the dress before they said their vows.

"It was beautiful. You get butterflies in your stomach and a lump in your throat thinking back on it now."

Laura Rowe

Kathryn, who confesses sports are not her thing, took up kayaking to paddle alongside on Michael as he trained for his 2015 swim.

"I was on the boat beside him the whole swim. I think that's where it really sank in for us that this was probably it for us," she said with a giggle. "You spend a lot of time getting to know someone very very quickly when you're doing something that that's indepth and involves that much suffering," Michael added.

Though their bond was cemented on the water, the couple won't be splashing around on their honeymoon next month.

"No more water, we are rained out," Michael said with a laugh. "I think the city is looking forward to a really hot, warm summer because we've had enough of this rain."