LISTEN: Mayor John Tory says there's 'no easy answer' to gun violence

John Tory says there's no easy answer to stop the barrage of bullets on Toronto streets in recent weeks.

Filling in for John Moore to host NEWSTALK 1010's Moore in the Morning Tuesday, Tory pushed back against assertions by the head of the Toronto Police Association that the solution is more officers on the streets.

"The fact is there were more police officers in 2005 when we had the year of the gun. It is not the answer. It is one of the answers."

Tory is pushing for a meeting with federal public safety minister Ralph Goodale and Premier Doug Ford or someone from his government to address gun violence.

The mayor welcomed the Chief of Police in studio.

Mark Saunders pitched a holistic approach to dealing with shootings, of which he says 90% are gang related.

Saunders says police need to look at the resources available to keep young men from making "bad decisions". He feels if they do pull trigger, the punishment needs to be heavy enough to act as a deterrent.

"There's a difference between stealing someone's lunch money and shooting someone in the face. If you're going to shoot someone in this city, you should be incarcerated for a good period of time."

Saunders also suggests there are not enough programs to help gang members as they emerge from jail.

"And so when they do get out, they're picked up by their fellow gang members and they're right back into again."

Eleven people were hit by bullets in Toronto between Friday and early Tuesday morning.

Two rappers were killed in a brazen shooting on Queen St W near Peter St on Saturday. Jahvante Smart who performs as Smoke Dawg, and Ernest Modekwe were killed. A woman who was also shot is expected to recover.

Another four people were injured by gunshots late Sunday in Kensington Market.

Toronto has recorded 51 homicides so far this year, including 22 people killed by guns. There were 27 homicides at this point in 2017.

with files from the Canadian Press