LISTEN: Wynne Government stands behind ads touting hydro rate cuts

Does this ad rub you the wrong way?

The Provincial Government has rolled out a series of ads, patting themselves on their backs, over the cut in hydro rates.

But what's interesting about these ads, is the final line: 'paid for by the Ontario Government.'

Callers into Moore in the Morning didn't like it one bit.

"How gullable does this Ontario Liberal Government think people in this province are?" questioned one caller.

The Liberals did put out a statement defending their use of the ads, and defending the use of taxpayer money to pay for them:

"The Ontario government has a responsibility to raise awareness and communicate information about programs and services that affect Ontarians. This includes informing Ontarians of changes to their electricity bills so that they can use this information to plan for the future as they manage their household budgets. The government is communicating these changes over a variety of channels, including these informational advertisements which drive Ontarians to a dedicated website ( where Ontarians can learn more about what these changes mean to them. Our government also strengthened legislation to provide a clearer definition of partisan advertising, requiring the government to submit a preliminary version of the ad to the Auditor General for review, and reinforce rules around government advertising during general elections. Under the legislation, a government ad can't include the name, voice or image of a member of the Executive Council or a member of the Assembly, include the name or logo of a party, or directly identify and criticize a recognized party or member of the assembly."