LOOK: Humboldt bus crash scene examined

The crash happened Friday afternoon when the team bus with 29 people on board was on Highway 35 north of Saskatoon headed to a playoff game.

Reports suggest it was clear and cold in this part of the Prairies when the bus was approaching an intersection around 5 o' clock.

The bus was headed north.

The truck was headed west on 335. The bus had the right of way. The truck had to stop at a stop sign with a flashing light.

We don't know who hit who, but after the impact both vehicles finally came to a stop on the northwest corner of the intersection.

The crash may have been a shock to both drivers because of a lot of trees on the intersection's southeast corner. Those trees would have likely blocked bus driver's view to the right...and the trucker's view to the left. Some drivers in the area say you might as well close your eyes going through the intersection

A family of 6 was killed over 20 years ago when their pickup ran the stop sign and hit a semi.

Local politicians are calling for changes...including installing rumble strips

In Friday's crash we've heard suggestions the truck may have t-boned the bus, but the father of a surviving player claimed to CBC the transport truck was ahead of the team charter before the impact.

Crash scene photos appear to show little damage to the truck's cab while the front of the bus looks like it was torn off.

Every single person on the bus was either hurt or killed, but the truck driver was not hurt.

He was briefly taken into custody but released without charges

Could he face some down the road?

It's not clear yet.

Police think it's going to take a lot of time to figure out a cause and the will investigate a number of possible conditions including road and weather conditions, driver error, and mechanical failure.