Loved ones of Toronto Police officers plan Family Day protest

There's a new twist in the labour battle between Toronto Police leadership and the union that represents the city's police officers.

It was Thursday that the union announced plans to hold a symbolic non-confidence vote against Police Chief Mark Saunders.

On Friday, word emerged that the families of Toronto Police Association members will hold a protest on Family Day outside Toronto Police headquarters on College St.

One of the organizers is the wife of a 15-year Toronto Police officer who says that plans to restructure and 'modernize' Toronto's police service are having an adverse effect on officers.

She tells the Globe and Mail that the aim of the demonstration is to send a message to police commanders and politicians that cops in Toronto do not feel supported, are burning out due to overwork, and that staffing levels are putting their loved ones in danger.

Her claim is that some officers think the situtation at work is so dire, they are relectant to call in sick for fear of leaving their colleagues in jeopardy.

Toronto Mayor John Tory insists that big changes being made by police take time and that Chief Saunders is dealing with all the union's issues.