Major construction planned for highway 400

If you travel the 400 during the summer, you know what kind of headache you can get into.

Instead of just dealing with traffic this year, you're also going to have to contend with construction.

The MTO is actually widening the highway from 6 to 8 lanes between Major Mac and King Road.

That's 11 kilometers which will be affected, with new sewers and lights also being added.

But there is some good news in all of this. MTO spokesperson Astrid Poei says they aren't going to make a habit of closing down lanes.

"We always try to minimise impacts to traffic where possible, so what we'll do is we'll  tighten lanes to maintain three lanes in each direction."

That would involve making the lanes a little slimmer, but at least they stay open at a reduced speed limit.
Two of the lanes will be HOV lanes, but they'll only be on the highway between King and Major Mac. They won't be stealing any lanes further south to covert them.

There will be one complete road closure for a bridge replacement at King Road, and that will last 8 hours. However, that will be during the overnight hours.