Man accused in Markham murders due in court

Markham Murders

A 23-year-old Markham, Ontario man charged with four counts of first-degree murder is due back in court today.

A video gamer in Tunisia says he notified Canadian police about disturbing messages and images that Menhaz Zaman allegedly posted on a private server called Perfect World Void.

The man says he was one of dozens of players who saw messages on a third-party app on Sunday in which a user named Menhaz posted that quote -- ``I've slaughtered my entire family, and will most likely spend life in jail if I manage to survive.''

He says when some players didn't believe it, the person posted several disturbing photos that he claimed showed his victims.

That's when the Tunisian gamer reached out to police in Canada and sent them everything he had.

The Canadian Press has not verified that the photos or messages were posted by the accused.