Man arrested in child luring investigation

Toronto Police have arrested a man on allegations he was using money to try and lure children towards a sexual encounter.

The suspect was arrested last week and accused of improper online communications that started in June of last year.

He's alleged to have offered children cash and gifts for sexual encounters and also dangled money in front of others to take part in sex acts with children

Police also claim to have found evidence he shared pictures of sexual exploitation online.

Investigators have charged 31 year-old Peter Kirkeby with a number of offences including luring a child, making, possessing, and accessing child pornography.

Toronto Police believe there are other potential victims out there that may have been contacted.

The new charges come almost exactly one year since Kirkeby was convicted of offences tied to child pornography, prostitution and drug charges laid by police in Barrie.

Kirkeby was given three years of probation and 200 hours of community service according to our partners at CTV Barrie.