Man charged after fiery crash in High Park

A man faces an impaired driving charge after crashing into a building near High Park Saturday morning.

Police tell NEWSTALK1010 they were called to the scene just after 5:30 a.m. about a vehicle colliding with something near High Park Ave. and Humberside Ave. 

Upon arriving at the scene, Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook says officers "actually found the vehicle engulfed in flames and it had struck a wall."

Witnessed informed police about the driver fleeing the vehicle who appeared intoxicated. Shortly after, officers were able to locate him. 

"He's since been charged and arrested with impaired driving," Douglas-Cook confirmed.

There were no injuries reported and the building did not sustain any damage.

The charge has Douglas-Cook repeating the age-old message - don't drink and drive.

"It's simple and easy to follow," she said. "There's many, many other options and it's really not worth it, so just use the other options and enjoy the weekend."