Man charged under Highway Traffic Act in plywood incident on Highway 410

The OPP say a 51-year-old man has been charged under the Highway Traffic Act after a piece of plywood smashed through a car's windshield on Highway 410 Wednesday afternoon.

Three women were in the vehicle heading southbound on the highway, approaching the Queen Street East exit when the plywood hit, causing the windshield to shatter on the front seats.

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt says all three had "just minor injuries, fortunately, but the source of the plywood was unknown."

"Due to some help from citizens who actually observed this incident take place, they were able to get a licence plate of the vehicle and trailer where the wood came off of," he told NEWSTALK 1010 Saturday afternoon.

The man has been charged with Insecure Load and will be required to appear in court within four to six weeks. 

Schmidt says his name will not be publicly released. 

The three women were taken to hospital where they were treated for minor cuts and bruises, and were quickly released.