Man found guilty in case where he snatched his daughter away from her mother

A Toronto man who snatched his four-year-old daughter from her mother's home in the early morning hours has been found guilty of abduction after a judge found he knew what he was doing was wrong.

Mario Rodrigues was also found guilty of two counts of assault, one count of break and enter, and one count of dangerous driving causing bodily harm in connection with the April 2016 incident, which triggered an Amber Alert.

Rodrigues had pleaded not guilty to the charges, saying he was not criminally responsible for his actions due to mental illness.

Court heard that two psychiatrists who assessed Rodrigues found he knew his actions were legally wrong at the time but were split on whether he could tell they were morally wrong.

In a decision released last week, Justice Mark Edwards said that if Rodrigues knew he was breaking the law, it is ``difficult to conceive'' he would not have realized that a reasonable person would also find it morally wrong to abduct your child from the parent with custody.

Edwards also said the expert called by the defence relied on information from Rodrigues' family members in reaching his conclusion, but those relatives did not testify in court and could not be cross-examined on their statements.