Man shoots himself, takes off from Scarborough restaurant

Toronto Police have arrested a man, who allegedly shot himself, with a gun he had stuffed in his pants.

It was on Monday, September 3rd, just before 4 o'clock, the man went into a restayurant in the Markham Road and Ellesmere area, and placed a take-out order.

While inside, police say he accidentally shot himself.

Before help could arrive, he took off, jumping into a car, and eventually ditching the gun.

His day though, didn't get any better. He continued driving and was involved in a collision near Brimorton and Scarborough Golf Club Road. He didn't remain on scene.

Eventually, he abandoned the vehicle and ran into a nearby house, where he was arrested shortly after.

Following an exhaustive search, polcie managed to find the weapon, in a ravine.

The gun has been identified as an A&B Arms Aero Survival, sawed-off rifle.

20-year-old Abdihakim Saeed, of Toronto, is facing eight firearms related charges.