Marriage makes you live longer?

What do you think of this?

Researchers in the UK say marriage leads to a longer, healthier life.

One million men and women with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes were studied for 14 years and people with a ring on their finger had a 16 per cent greater chance of survival than those without.

"I think it's crap," says Mary who rolled her eyes when told about the study while walking to work through Nathan Phillips Square. She doesn't buy into the notion the chance of dying from heart disease lowers after a wedding. "I think it increases it when I look at my friends."

She isn't alone in thinking marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be. "It'll kill you earlier," says Claire.

John, on the other hand, has been married for 27 years. "I have heart problems and I guess I got this far because of her."

Researchers in the UK didn't take into account if the marriages of the people involved in the study were happy and they're not suggesting everyone should run out and get hitched. They believe it's the loving bond with someone special is the main factor.