Math scores flat and falling among elementary students in Ontario

Math test scores have not improved, and have decreased slightly in some cases, among elementary school students in Ontario.

The province's Education Quality and Accountability Office says results of standardized tests show for the second straight year only 50 per cent of Grade 6 students met the provincial standard in math.

It also says among Grade 3 students, 62 per cent met the provincial standard in math, which represents a one-percentage-point decrease since last year.

The report says writing levels among Grade 3 and Grade 6 students declined by one percentage point since last year to 73 per cent and 79 per cent respectively.

The office says reading has improved slightly for Grade 3 students, with 74 per cent meeting the provincial standard, and remained steady for Grade 6 students, with 81 per cent meeting the
provincial standard.

EQAO Chair Dave Cook says the education system continues to deliver positive results in reading, but says it's worth noting the five-percentage-point decline in Grade 3 writing levels since 2014.