Mayor in favour of claims cap for prescriptions in light of concerning AG report

Red flags are popping up over the amount of Viagra and Cialis being claimed by city employees through their taxpayer funded benefits.

The Auditor General found that last year, close to $2 million worth of erectile dysfunction pills was claimed.

Some people were getting 400-600 tablets in one year.

One man who called in to NEWSTALK 1010 says his buddy is a municipal employee who claims Viagra through his benefits and then sells the little blue pills to his friends for a profit.

A report will now go to the Audit Committee on Friday that includes 18 recommendations.

One of those recommendations is for the city to put a yearly $500 claims cap for prescriptions.

It's a suggestion that has the ear of Mayor John Tory. "In this particular category I think the taxpayer may think it's reasonable to have a cap placed on this especially when you see evidence, apparently, of people using 500 pills a year which seems kind of extraordinary."

According to the Auditor General, Toronto would save $750,000 a year if council capped annual claims at $500.