Mayor of Enniskillen claims to have not sent derogatory Twitter message

The mayor of Enniskillen is under fire for a Twitter message that was sent from his account but he says he didn't send it.

Enniskillen is a little farming community about 30 km southeast of Sarnia with a population of roughly 3,000 people.

Mayor Kevin Marriott was reacting to NEWSTALK 1010's video of Ontario PC staffers clapping out the media at a press conference insinuating reporters should focus on more important issues, namely federal politics.

Karen Schulman Dupuis responded, calling him a political hack. "I aggressively called him a partisan hack. It was most definitely not my most diplomatic or eloquent call-out on Twitter that's ever happened. This morning I woke up to that private, cowardly, homophobic DM in my Twitter account."

Mayor Marriott claims his Twitter and home email accounts were hacked. "Anybody who knows me knows I would not make homophobic comments like that. I will admit I've been a critic of governments and what they do and don't do for municipalities, in the past, but that's as far as it would go."

Marriott believes it had to be an outside job because no one has the password which is the same for both accounts.

Schulman Dupuis was blocked by the account almost immediately.

Mayor Marriott says he plans on reaching out to apologize. "I apologize if she thinks it came from me. I apologize, anyway, because you feel indirectly responsible even when you've been hacked. Even though I know I couldn't help it, in this case. I didn't realize that there are people that scan what you say and are able to do something like this. I definitely apologize to her even though I am not guilty. I've had to apologize for not being guilty before so this isn't a first."