Mayor Tory looking forward to working with Ford

They were once municipal rivals, but now Mayor John Tory says he and Premier-designate Doug Ford are ready to put their differences aside for the good of the city.  

The pair have spoken since the provincial election, Thursday. 

Speaking at a community event Saturday, Tory says he's looking forward to working with Ford and is confident the two can find some common ground, particularly when it comes to building transit.  

"We have a council-approved network transit plan and I look forward to moving forward with that," Tory told CP24. "We have made great progress on that and we need to make a lot more because the city needs to move better." 

During the election campaign, Ford promised $5 billion for new transit infrastructure for Toronto. 

The mayor said they have a professional obligation to have a sound business relationship in order to get things done for the people of the city.