Mayor Tory promises reviews into high-rise emergency response & planning

Mayor John Tory says plans are in the works to bolster emergency planning in Toronto. 

He says Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg will soon launch a review into how his crews repond to calls from high-rise buildings. 

Tory adds the Chief will also take a close look at the findings of the investigation into last week's inferno at London's Grenfall Tower, as soon as the results are released by authorities in England. 

Since 2016, @Toronto_Fire has inspected every high rise residential building in Toronto including every TCHC high rise and seniors building

— Matthew Pegg (@ChiefPeggTFS) June 23, 2017

Tory stressed on Friday that city hall and Toronto Fire look for ways on an ongoing basis to protect residents against fire, either through bylaws or other regulations.

However, the Mayor says that the public has a role to play, pointing to the fact that Toronto Fire crews recently put out the city's 30th apartment fire of the year, caused by an "inconsiderate" resident tossing a cigarette butt from a balcony.

"That is a stupid risk to other people's lives and a bad misuse of Fire Department resources," Tory says.

The Mayor urges smokers to practise more common sense.

He adds there's plenty of education information made available by the City of Toronto and Toronto Fire to combat common causes of residential fires, including cooking mishaps and careless smoking.