Metrolinx tweaking fare structure

Metrolinx is tweaking their fares, charging more for people who ride longer.

The Board still has to vote on the proposed changes, and if adopted, they would come into effect on April 20th.

But what this means, is that fares will drop for those riding shorter trips of under 10kms.

For those who use Presto, the trip would be about 21% cheaper. As a matter of fact, it would drop the cost of the fare down to $3.70.

However, for those riding for more than 10kms, fares are actually going to increase by 4% for those who use Presto.

Cash fares would increase by as much as 10%.

The CEO of Metrolinx, Phil Verster says in a release, "This gives our GO customers a better, faster and easier way to get across town for work, trips to the mall, family visits or a night out."