Mike Bullard may need to find new lawyer in criminal harassment case

Former NEWSTALK 1010 host Mike Bullard may soon be looking for a new lawyer.

His criminal harassment case returned to the College Park court house today for a pre-trial hearing.

He's accused of sending hundreds of text messages, making phone calls, even showing up at the home of an ex-girlfriend between September and November of last year after being told to keep his distance by police.

The matter returns to court on March 31st. If a resolution is found between now and then, Bullard will appear in order to settle the case. If it's not, his lawyer, Arthur Stern, will be removing himself as counsel.

Stern says he and Bullard are "too good" of friends to represent him at trial.

When asked why he took the case on in the first place, Stern replied he had hoped for a swift resolution.