Mistrial declared in first-degree murder trial of man accused of killing cancer researcher

Just one day into a first-degree murder trial in Toronto, a judge has declared a mistrial.

Calvin Nimoh, 24, was on trial for the murder of Mark Ernsting, 39, a cancer researcher who was stabbed outside of a home near Yonge and Gerrard.

The incident happened back on December 15, 2015, and police have classified the attack as random.

Nimoh was arrested not long after the alleged attack happened.

The trial began only on Tuesday, and the mistrial was declared because a juror allegedly went online and researched new information, spreading that information to other jurors.

What the court heard on that first day, surrounded details of the attack and the arrest.

The process will begin again, but the trial may still be able to be completed in the five-week window, set aside.

The current jury has been dismissed and selection for a fresh panel will begin right away.

Criminal defence lawyer with CrimLawCanada.com, Boris Bytensky says the juror who disobeyed the judge's orders likely won't face any punishment.