More issues plague PC Leadership race

With Patrick Brown out of the picture, the attention has turned now to the voting process that seems to be a mess for the provincial PC party.

Many PC members still haven't received their forms in the mail, so they can register to vote.

That has forced the leadership committee to extend the deadline for members to sign up. That new deadline is Monday at 11:59pm.

But there's more.

The Doug Ford camp has sent a lawyers letter to the committee suggesting there are problems with pre-paid credit cards, and that memberships are being purchased with them.

In part the letter reads:

Determining whether memberships have been paid for by individual members is not trackable through prepaid credit cards, and is thus in opposition to the membership rules that require an applicant to pay for their own membership (the only exception being if it is paid for by an immediate family member living in the same residence).
We understand that this technique is used by organizers that want to break the rules and purchase memberships for people.  A "pre-paid" credit card is used to mask the identity of the true purchaser.  The new member may not even be aware the purchase has been made on their behalf, and may not even be the person who ultimately casts their ballot.
After issues with this form of payment emerged during the federal Conservative leadership last year, we would have assumed that the provincial party would have been vigilant in safeguarding against this type of potentially fraudulent political activity.

They are asking the PC leadership committee to exclude any memberships purchased with the use of a pre-paid credit card, from voting.

The leadership committee told NEWSTALK1010, that they would review the letter, following the debate on Wednesday in Ottawa.