More than just shots going around in Toronto bars

Do you have your mumps vaccinations up-to-date?

Toronto Public Health says they've had 14 lab-confirmed cases already this winter, and they are expecting to see more.

What's more surprising, is the link between people infected.

Health officials say most of those who have come down with the mumps, had been to bars in the western end of Toronto's downtown. They say it's not necessarily the bars being the problem, but it's the way the virus spreads, through saliva and can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing or kissing.

The virus takes between 12 and 25 days to incubate. At that time, people may start to feel ill, feeling symptoms similar to a cold or a flu. Seven days later they will realize they have the mumps, when the 'chipmunk cheeks' show up.

As far as being contageous, the first week, the patient is very contageous, but they can spread the virus for a full week after the symptoms clear.