Nanos: Liberals, Trudeau hold double-digit lead in polls

The latest data from Nanos Research has the Liberals and the prime minister with double-digit leads in support over the Conservatives, shortly after a favorable survey for the federal government on carbon taxes.

Nanos Research now has the Liberals at just under 40 per cent of support, followed by the Conservatives at 28 per cent and the NDP at 19.

But the gap widens when it comes to specific leaders, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at 41 per cent, while Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is down at 20 per cent.

The latest Nanos data comes five days after the Angus Reid Institute poll that found 54 per cent of Canadians now support the Liberal carbon pricing plan.

That's also a nine-point improvement from the last poll on the issue from July.

On October 24th, Trudeau announced the government would impose a price in the four provinces that had not complied with the federal plan: Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Manitoba. 

"Next year, it will no longer be free to pollute anywhere in Canada," he said.

In a meeting with Ontario Premier Doug Ford almost a week after, Scheer once again pushed back against the policy.

"This is not a price on carbon, this is a carbon tax," Scheer said on October 30th. "It is going to make your drive to work more expensive, it's going to make it more expensive to drop your kids off at activities and if you're a small or medium-sized business, you don't get a break." 

As for NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, he remains well behind his counterparts. 

When it comes to preferred choice, Singh is currently at 8.2 per cent support.