NDP MP Erin Weir booted from caucus

New Democrat MP Erin Weir says he has been expelled from the party's caucus because of his public comments about allegations of harassment lodged against him.

Weir's expulsion comes after he alleged publicly that the harassment complaint levelled against him in January was not only unfounded, but a politically motivated attempt to punish him.

The MP says in a statement that NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh notified him late Wednesday that he would be expelled, not because of the original complaint, but because of his subsequent comments.

Weir was originally suspended from duties as an NDP MP pending an independent investigation, but remained in caucus.

He says Singh had earlier decided to reinstate him after he agreed to participate in conciliation with any complainants who wanted to do so and complete training, which Weir called an opportunity for self-improvement.

In a statement today Singh says he considered various resolutions including conciliation, but what he called ``recent developments'' show a rehabilitative approach is untenable.

Singh's statement says the investigation ``found one claim of harassment and three claims of sexual harassment were sustained by the evidence.''