NDP says Ford government's privatization plans are a done deal

Ontario's Opposition says it has obtained more government documents that show a plan to create a health ``super agency'' is final, despite the health minister saying proposed changes to the system are still being drafted.

The NDP has released documents they say appear to be government presentations, and include references to cabinet approving the plan and appointing board members.

The documents have not been verified and the NDP will not say how they were obtained.

The documents reference outsourcing services such as laboratories -- many of which are already privately run -- inspections, and the province's air ambulance service.

They also say a new model of ``integrated care delivery'' is being created, called MyCare groups, and the NDP say those groups would be given power to contract out front-line health care to private, for-profit entities.

Health Minister Christine Elliott has said her transformation of the health-care system isn't final yet, but will not include two-tier care _ assurances she made after the NDP released a leaked draft version of the legislation last week.