New details in billionaire's murder

There are new details in the mysterious murders that captivated the city and the world.

Next week marks 5 months since Honey and Barry Sherman were found strangled to death hanging from a railing in the pool area of their North York mansion on December 15th.

Today the killer or killers are still walking the street.

The new details are published in the Toronto Star and explain how one of the biggest twists in the case played out.

For weeks after the Shermans were found, we heard from police sources the working theory was murder suicide.

Then on January 26th investigators revealed both Barry and Honey had been murdered.

How did we get from murder suicide to double murder?

The new information in the Star spells it out.

Autopsies were done the day after the Shermans were found. According to the Star, sources insist that the pathologist doing the work found signs that the deaths could be a case of double murder. The doctor did not make that ruling and it's unclear why.

Days later another pathologist hired by the family did a second autopsy and based on the evidence, he decided the Sherman's wrists had been bound by rope or plastic and they weren't strangled by the belts tied around their neck. They’d been strangled with something else.

It took almost a month for police to interview the man who did the second autopsy and that was only after his double murder conclusion had been reported in the media

A week after that story came out police announced they believed this was a case of double murder.

The Sherman's were discovered on Friday December 15th. The Star is also reporting more details on what happened just before their bodies were found.

They were last seen in public on Wednesday leaving the headquarters of Apotex, the company that Barry had turned into a generic drug powerhouse.

He was the last to leave, while Honey left first, sometime before 5 p.m.

No one heard from them on Thursday.

On Friday morning a real estate agent working on the Sherman mansion took possible buyers through the home. She spotted the bodies hanging from a pool railing and then told the buyers that part of the house was off limits.

A Sherman house keeper was told what had been discovered and they called 911.