New poll numbers announced as three major party leaders hit the campaign trail

On a Saturday where all three major provincial party leaders are on the campaign trail, new numbers show the Liberals' support continues to fade.

Premier Kathleen Wynne's party has only 22 per cent support. The NDP has moved into second place with 28 per cent support. 

The Progressive Conservatives - led by Doug Ford - continue to be the clear frontrunner at 42 per cent. 

On the weekend morning show with Dave Trafford, pollster John Wright said the tactics Wynne is using in the Liberals campaign have not proved to be successful - at least not yet.

"We've had two debates, and I think it's fair to say that when 80 per cent of the people in this province don't want the sitting government to remain in place, they want change, then she may drop as far as 20 or below that," he said. 

An announcement by the PC leader at a seniors' home in Etobicoke was met by a number of questions from reporters, asking him to clarify what he meant by comments made during Friday's northern debate. During that event, Ford suggested that Ontario should “take care of our own” before encouraging immigrants to move to northern regions within the province. 

"There's no politician that probably has more support out there from new Canadians," Ford said. "Ford Nation is full of new Canadians."

"I welcome every immigrant to this country. I welcome everyone to come here," he added. "I'm going to break down a brick wall to make sure to help every single new Canadian."

The actual announcement from Ford concerned the introduction of dental care for up to 100,000 low-income seniors. The plan would be implemented in two phases. 

Earlier in the day, Wynne announced that if re-elected, the Liberals will increase funding for developmental services beginning this year. After that, the Liberals would invest $1.8 billion over three years.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath made several campaign stops throughout the day, starting in Sudbury before heading to Orillia and a meet-and-greet with local candidates in Barrie.