New poll shows support for Provincial Liberals falls behind NDP and PCs

A new Forum Resarch poll found if an election were held in Ontario today the Progressive Conservatives would win.  40 per cent of respondents said they would support the Ontario PCs, 27 per cent the NDP and 25 per cent would support the Liberals.

When it comes to approval ratings for the party leaders the NDP's Andrea Horwath is the most popular with 35 per cent.  25 per cent like PC leader Patrick Brown and just 18 per cent like current Premier Kathleen Wynne.

President of Forum Research Dr. Lorne Bozinoff said in a news release,  "While Patrick Brown's PCs see a slight dip in support in August, for the most part his support remains steady, despite perceived controversies."

"Of primary concern for the premier should be her declining support in Toronto, as she now sits third behind both the Tories and the NDP. Without the same massive support in Toronto she received in 2014, her re-election prospects look dim, at best."

When asked who would make the best premier 27 per cent said Patrick Brown, but the same number said no current leader Horwath, Wynne or Brown would make the best premier.