NEWSTALK 1010 EXCLUSIVE: Toronto teacher charged after allegedly writing bullying notes to herself

It was a story that first came to light in February, in an interview heard here on NEWSTALK 1010.

Emily Wright was an early childhood educator at Ord Street Junior Public School near University and College. It was shortly after 'Pink Shirt Day', an anti-bullying initiative, that she came forward to say that she was actually the target of taunts.

She told John Moore that she'd been receiving notes, that had been left in her classroom, since November of 2016, threatening both her and her therapy dog.

The Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Police both started investigations, but they didn't end in Wright's favour.

In April she was fired, amid speculation that her story may have been fabricated.

During the February interview with John Moore, the host asked what some of the seven notes say. "They're just an individual's attempt to try and make me feel small and worthless. It's someone going out of their way to emphasize the things that I believe I do in the world that are positive and, really, make a twist on them to make them look, make me question if they really are that positive. I did an assembly on bullying and 'your assembly sucks just as much as you do. No one likes you no matter how hard you try,'" Wright described.

She said she had and idea who the culprit may be, but had no definitive proof. "I hope the person is found and I hope the person is disciplined for their actions."

The notes were typed and printed on white paper.

On Thursday, NEWSTALK 1010 learned police arrested Wright, and charged her with one count of public mischief.

She'll be in court on July 27th.

The board wouldn't comment on tape, only releasing a statement:

The Board concluded its investigation in April and has closed this case. As it is a personnel matter, we can’t provide further comment other than to say the Board has taken appropriate action. With regards to ECE Emily Wright, she is no longer an employee of the Toronto District School Board.”