NEWSTALK 1010 POLL: 43% of Torontonians don't want legal pot shop near them

They're coming.

150 LCBO-run legal marijuana stores. The provincial government says 40 of them will be ready in time for when the drug is expected to be made legal next summer.

But Torontonians already have strong opinions about where the pot shops should not open.

In "Pulse of Toronto," a poll by DART Insight and Communications commissioned by NEWSTALK 1010, 43% of respondents said they don't want licensed weed outlets in their neighbourhood.

The NIMBYism is highest in North York where 54% oppose a neighbourhood pot shop. Torontonians who reject the idea are more like to be women, have children and own a home.

Asked by NEWSTALK 1010 about the results on Tuesday, Premier Kathleen Wynne said only that the province is implementing a safe regime for the distribution of marijuana after the federal government's decision to legalize it.

Torontonians are evenly split, 50/50 on whether the LCBO should be the only designated distributor of pot in Ontario.

But veteran pollster John Wright says 43% of respondents have not bought into the idea of legal weed. They want a referendum on legalization.

24% say they'll buy some when legal pot become the law of the land. They're most likely to be men under 34 living downtown.

Other highlights from "The Pulse of Toronto" from NEWSTALK 1010 and DART:
-70% of Torontonians believe all families should have access to fully-funded public daycare, 74% of those with kids
-Only 11% of Torontonians are committed to voting for Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals next year. 45% are still willing to consider it depending on what the campaign brings
-61% don't want the province to move ahead with the $15/hour minimum wage rollout as-planned. 44% want a longer phase-in, 17% want to abandon it
-13% believe a $15/hour minimum wage will cost them their jobs
-54% want more technology-driven learning in school
-60% believe some fundraising monies from schools in higher-earning neighbourhoods should be transferred to lower-income area schools to balance their budgets
-31% are bothered by people of colour eventually becoming the majority population of Toronto?

DART Insight conducted an online survey of 814 Torontonians September 16-19, 2017. The poll is considered accurate +/- 3.9 percentage points 19 times out of 20. A full report with data tables can be found at