NEWSTALK 1010 POLL: 85% of Torontonians think the city is a great place to live

T.O. The Six. Centre of Universe.

Whatever they call it 85% of people living in Toronto agree it's a great city to call home.

That's among the findings of a "Pulse of Toronto" a NEWSTALK 1010 poll by DART Insight and Communications.

Asked to choose from a list of positive attributes to define Toronto, 46% of respondents picked multiculturalism. A good place to work was runner up at 29% followed by lifestyle (9%) a safe and well-run city (9%) and a cool city (7%).

Those most likely to embrace multiculturalism were women under 55 and those living in York/East York and Scarborough.

Other highlights from "The Pulse of Toronto" from NEWSTALK 1010 and DART:

-58% are satisfied with the speed at which crashes are cleared from Hwy 401, up 51% in 1999
-51% say they do not know their neighbours well
-86% say they would be uncomfortable living next-door to a White Supremacist, 26% would feel uncomfortable with an Evangelical Christian as a neighbour, Muslim 23%, East Indian 14%, Black Torontonian 12%, a gay or lesbian couple 9% and a Jew 5%.
-29% are caring for an older relative or parent
-65% don't believe there is enough accessibility in their community for aging or disabled people
-10% say they'd rather spend a day with a pet than their romantic partner
-47% believe that owning and living in a condo is as good as owning and living in a house
-39% believe they will lose their home or know someone who will if interest rates keep rising
-75% of workers say they really like their job
-51% of workers believe they're paid enough for what they do
-49% of workers believe they're smarter than their boss
-22% of workers believe they're likely to lose their job in the next year

DART Insight and Communications conducted an online survey of 814 Torontonians September 16-19, 2017. The poll is considered accurate +/- 3.9 percentage points 19 times out of 20. A full report with data tables can be found at