No arrests yet in Hamilton vandalism

Police in Hamilton say they have yet to make any arrests after a group of thugs ran wild on the weekend, causing 100 thousand dollars in damage.

Windows of businesses were smashed and the group threw rocks at cars and police officers along Hamilton's Locke Street.

About 30 masked people took part and carried a sign that read "We are the ungovernables."

In an update to reporters on Monday, police would only say they have had hundreds of tips come in and they are pouring over hours of surveilance video.

But so far, they haven't been able to identify any of the participants.

As for why police didn't step in and stop it on Saturday night, Inspector Paul Hamilton from Hamilton Police would only say it was a simple case of numbers.

Two officers responded to a mischief call, thinking it was kids in a park. They weren't expecting what they saw, and Hamilton claims they had no choice but to retreat and call for backup.