No, Dad. It's not time to take off my winter tires.

Despite what your father may tell you, it's not time to take off your winter tires. At least, not yet.

The general rule of thumb is to keep the winter rubber on your car until the average temperature reaches about h7 or 8 degrees.

But when you get days of 16 degrees, like we've seen at times this winter, you may think you're in the clear.

"You don't want to run a winter tire all summer, because they'll wear quickly and drop your fuel economy, but a day or two is not going to kill a winter tire." says Todd Richardson, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Tirecraft.

As a matter of fact, he says the way things have been going, it would be a good idea to keep those tires on until the end of the month, or even until Easter.

He says more and more people are buying into winter tires too.

"About 5 years ago about 30% of people in Ontario were running winter products, and we're pushing about 40% now."

As for coming up with something that would work in the winters we've been seeing in the GTA, Richardson says they aren't likely to change what works.

"When you get down to the molecular level, there are certain compounds that work in hot weather and certain ones that work in cold weather and trying to defy that is extremely tough."