No injuries in partial house collapse in Scarborough

Scarborough house collapse

A family has escaped without any injury after their home partially collapsed in Scarborough, Saturday morning.

Toronto Fire was called to the scene at 144 Harding Blvd., near Birchmount and Kingston Rd. at about 11:15 a.m. when the side of the home came down. 

Homeowner Rick Saye told our media partner CP24 that he was about to get in the shower when he felt the home give way.

"I just heard one of the city guys say that the foundation gave way on this side," Saye said. "I heard some cracking upstairs. Then I heard my son downstairs. He yelled for me and I came down, and then we just heard things start to move."

"Nothing had really fallen, just cracks in the walls," he added. 

Saye - who has lived in the home for about 10 years - says they grabbed a few things out of the home and had to leave. He says the basement was empty and gutted, but was not under renovation at the time. 

Two homes on either side of the house were also evacuated, Toronto Fire told NEWSTALK1010. 

"When we arrived [at the scene], there was a slight gas smell but we can't confirm yet whether gas was involved in this collapse, or whether that's a result of the collapse," he said. 

Powell says a structural expert from the City of Toronto was headed to the scene to survey the property.