No Trump Slump for travelers headed to the US

Many people in Canada have started talking about their summer vacation plans, and some have claimed to take the US off their list of preferred destinations.

While they may talk a big game, it doesn't look like many Canadians are following through on their threats.

"To be honest, year-over-year the numbers are looking very similar." says Claire Newell from

And the number seem to back up that claim.

The US Customs and Border Protections says more than 6 million Canadians have travelled across the border in the first quarter of this fiscal year. That's on pace to beat last year's totals of more than 19 million travellers.

And when you take a look at the number of people turned back at the border, it's on par with the last couple of years.

But Newell says while some people are talking about avoiding Trump-owned properties, they are still booking those tickets.

"If they really want to go on a honeymoon in Maui, or if they are going on a boys trip or a stagette to Vegas, they aren't changing their plans."

She says most of these trips would have already been booked, but the true test will come in the summer.

Still, it appears there hasn't been a 'Trump Slump'.