Number of shootings up in Toronto compared to last year

Remember last year, how everyone was losing their minds over the level of violence that we were seeing on Toronto's streets?

Numbers are starting to show, that in a year-over-year comparison, the numbers are up this year.

Toronto Police released new data showing the number of shootings without injury in Toornto is up 42%, while the number of shootings with injury, is up 31%.

The bright point, is that the number of deaths so far in 2019, is a little lower, at 10 verus 11 at this time last year.

Should we be worried?


"The numbers themselves to not astound me, considering the size of Toronto." says NEWSTALK 1010's crime expert and former homicide detective, Mark Mendelson. "We shouldn't be that naive to think that we are immune to these types of crime."

He says you only have to look at who is shooting who, to ease your fears.

"Many, if not the vast majority of these shootings, involve gang activity." says Mendelson.

He says that equates to bad guys shooting bad guys. So when do we start getting worried?

"Sort of these broad daylight shootings, or playgrounds, public gatherings or street parties." He says when the shootings start happening there, you sit up and take notice.

Until then, it's all part of big city life.

"That just comes with the territory of living in a big city, a big city that has gangs and a big city that has access to handguns."

Toronto Police