Officer shot in Niagara described as violent, threatening, bully

We are learning more about the victim in Thursday's shooting involving a pair of Niagara Police officers.
There's been nothing official offered yet on what led to the shooting but the victim's own brother has theory.
He believes this was a case of self-defense.

Speaking with the Toronto Star, Phillip Parker describes Cst. Nathan Parker as a frightening, violent person known to bully and intimidate.

The pair haven't spoken in six years.

Phillip says when he heard his brother had been shot his immediate reaction was "what took so long?"

"My brother is a violent man. Niagara should have fired him years ago. Maybe the other officer will face real consequences. Then again, maybe he was defending himself from my brother and his uncontrollable rage. I was on the receiving end of that rage while growing up, so my assumption leans toward self-defence," he tells the Toronto Star.

Phillip is also expressing regret that he didn't go to Niagara Regional Police awhile ago about his brother's rage issues. It appears the department likely knew, though. Cst. Nathan Parker has attended four disciplinary hearings for aggressive behaviour and unreasonable use of force. He was either convicted or pleaded guilty.