Ombudsman wants to keep a closer eye on police

The provincial Ombudsman wants to keep a closer eye on police oversight in Ontario.

Paul Dube made his submission to the Independent Police Oversight Review.

He says all three police oversight bodies should be within the mandate of the Ombudsman, along with municipal police service boards.

In a release, Dube says "Public trust depends on their effectiveness, and transformative change is required to foster confidence in policing in this province.”

He's calling for new legislation to make police oversight bodies more effective, accountable and transparent.

Right now, the only police oversight body that falls under the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman, is the Special Investigations Unit. Dube would like to include the Office of the
Independent Police Review Director, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission within his mandate.

He says he's recieved 184 complaints over the past four years, 138 of those have been about the Office of the Independant Police Review Director.